Canyoning in the Lechtal

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Shortly after the Füssener Border tunnel, the Lechtal, still spared by mass tourism, opens up. An alpine valley in Austria, which can be reached directly from the Allgaeu. Nestled between the Lechtaler and Allgaeu Alps. Picturesque designed communities invite you to enjoy. Whether active holidaymakers or connoisseurs – experience the untouched and pristine nature of the Lechtal. Let yourself be enchanted by the nature.

One of the best ways to discover the secrets of the Lechtal is offered by canyoning in the Lechtal.

On the one hand you can expect ravines that are open and especially suitable for beginners. With the sun on your face you can combine fun, action and nature experiences in one package. But also adventurous gorges with their wild waterfalls, naturally washed slides and deep blue pools are waiting to be discovered.

After such a nature experience a strengthening must not be left out. Enjoy one or the other traditional dish, which completes your experience completely.

Pictures of a green and diverse landscape, snowy peaks in the background and cows in the pasture are already in your mind?

Don’t wait any longer and convince yourself!

We look forward to join you for your canyoning experience in the Lechtal.

All beginnings are easy!

The sun is shining from the sky, the temperatures are climbing a bit higher and you’re just in for a lively and cool refreshment, but the experience should not be neglected! How about canyoning? Spectacular waterfalls, countless slides and some abseil passages offer you a welcome change.

Together with your guide, you will meet at a previously agreed meeting place. From there it goes to the canyon together. But before you can really start, one or the other suitable neoprene suit will be tried out beforehand and the harness and helmet adjusted correctly. A previous abseiling training gives you the necessary security so that you can move safely while canyoning for beginners in the Lechtal and have a lot of fun. Nothing is in the way!

With a grin on your face you jump from a rugged rock, you master the high abseiler with bravery and you can not get enough. But also for those who have to swallow more at the one or the other jump – do not worry! All slides and jumps are optional with us and you have the opportunity to actively rappel yourself.

In some canyons, you have the opportunity to bypass some passages, in case you would like to miss out on one or the other passage.

This tour is particularly suitable for beginners who want to try the Canyoningsport once. But we warn you – once tried and you want more and more. But we have already taken care of that. With our canyoning tours in the Lechtal for advanced and experts, new dimensions of canyoning open up for you.

Canyoning in the Lechtal – a pure adventure experience and a perfect opportunity to combine nature and adventure!

We are happy to advise you.

Your jump into your adventure!

??  Canyoning pro in the Lechtal

By chance you discover the pictures of your last canyoning experience and the memories come back. The desire to jump again into the green-blue pools, to slip through the slides and to hang you properly into the belt, the rope firmly in your hands and you rappel down piece by piece by yourself. It itches you already in the finger? So, what are you waiting for? Pack your suitcase and come with us on a canyoning tour pro in the Lechtal. Grab your friends – it’s no problem if they have not been canyoning yet. Your friends can skip the beginner’s tour and start with a canyoning tour for advanced. With a basic physical condition and a dose of bravery, nothing stands in the way of your adventure experience!

Arrived at the common meeting point it starts already. While running up you you can admire the canyon. Tumbling waterfalls, curved slides and green-blue pools are waiting for you. During your experience, the guide shoots one or the other photo of you, which reminds you of the adventure again and again. Rappel yourself actively, take the time you need! Do you like to repeat one or the other jump? No problem! Just jump again. By having only one tour per day, you have no stress on the tour and can enjoy your experience to the fullest.

You still can’t get enough of canyoning? We have already made sure of that. Join us in the various canyons all over Europe and discover the diversity of canyoning. Each country has its own treasures of canyons in all their beauty.

You are still looking for the perfect bachelor party? The canyoning tour for advanced is ideal for this!

What our guests say:

“Everything fits into the picture, from my first general inquiry, to the booking, the planning, the implementation, and finally to the photos: Absolutely great and always natural but professional work, you are really a great team !!! “

Achim Raudszus, Diplom-Verwaltungswirt, Oberhausen, summer 2015

Call us! We look forward to advise you!

Extreme Canyoning for experts!

The canyoning sport is one of your passions. You feel at home between the partly open, partly rugged rock walls and you strive to discover new, wild and breathtaking gorges. You have already completed tours for beginners and advanced. You also master the abseiling techniques and high abseilers do not give you any fear of heights. Come with us and discover with us the canyons in the Lechtal, which are off the beaten track of mass tourism. Our local canyoning guides choose the right canyon for your day trip!

For the canyoning tour for experts in the Lechtal, experiences in canyoning sports are indispensable. In this level of difficulty the influences of weather and water levels play a big role. If these are not suitable for the canyoning tour, we have to consider changing the tour or location.

For those of us who want to experience more than just a canyoning tour, our purelements® traveloffer of canyoning tours is the best for you! Discover Europe in a completely different way!

You would rather improve your technique and become a true canyonist? Then sign up for our canyoning course, which will prepare you optimally for the aptitude test for canyoning.

We are happy to advise you by phone!

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What our guests say:
“2 days, 2 canyons, 2 well trained guides, we felt optimally cared for, equipment in top condition, the canyons were very nice, everything together makes us want more, we will definately be back, purelements can be recommended without hesitation. “

Ernst Busch, Police Officer, Spremberg, Summer 2011

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