Canyoning in Ticino

The rather small but absolutely unique Ticino canton in Switzerland will offer you a great and unforgettable experience in its world famous canyoning paradise!

Behind all the canyoning tours offered by Purelements in Ticino stands the common vision to give you a unique and unforgettable experience. Our tours take you into a mystical, natural, wild and sometimes challenging landscape. Abseiling, jumping, sliding down waterfalls, enormously high walls, white polished granite and crystal clear water awaits you.

This sunny land nearby the Lake Maggiore offers an almost unlimited selection of beautiful canyons. Stable weather, catching local joie de vivre and experienced international and local canyoning guides ensure an all-round successful day. But this is not the only reason why canyoning fans from all over the world travel to southern Switzerland, also other leisure activities in the mountains of the Maggia Valley and above all on the Lago Maggiore are a guarantee for lasting memories.

There are numerous ways to experience a canyon, it is up to you how far you want to leave your comfort zone. Your safety and your pleasure in this activity is the first priority for our professional team.

We are looking forward to taking you to this unique wonderland!

Your Canyoning beginning.

White granite, crystal clear water, warming sunbeams which penetrate through the chestnut forests around the Lake Maggiore – and you are right in the middle of it! Right in the middle of this breathtaking environment!

As a canyoning beginner in the Eldorado Ticino you will receive all the necessary information and training before the start of your canyoning tour. Optimal preparation for the amazing fun in the canyons of Ticino is guaranteed by our experienced, international and local canyoning guides. After an initial safety briefing at the car park or at our outdoor base, we will equip you with your personal safety equipment for canyoning.

The canyons in Ticino which are suitable for beginners usually start with a short ascent. Once we have reached the top, there will be further safety briefings and you will be taught all the necessary skills to abseil independently on your own. We make independent abseiling an important point already in our beginner canyoning tours. Good abseiling skills are the basis for all further adventures in the more advanced canyons in Ticino. Once we have completed the abseil training, we start into the crystal-clear water what Ticino is known for. The canyoning fun is now ready to begin! Jumping, sliding, abseiling, all kinds of action is included and yet we can absorb the peace and wildness of these breathtaking landscapes in the southernmost canton of Switzerland.

Jumping and sliding into the deep and shining granite pools are always optional, in all our canyoning tours in Ticino. Through an extensive preparation, a good cooperation and right choice of canyons, the day and your canyoning experience will surely be a pleasure.

Families and children? With our “Canyoning family” tours we offer special canyoning adventure tours for families and children. The canyoning beginner’s tour is also ideal for groups and bachelor parties.

What our guests say::


“Two super canyoning tours in Ticino. Despite the mixed group you managed to make it a great experience for everyone. Everyone felt safe and comfortable at all times. Thanks for your great effort, we’ll be back.

Karina, Iris, Frank, Andreas und Steffi aus NRW


We are happy to advise you. Call us!

Intermediate Canyoning Trip
for advanced Canyoneers and fit beginners!

You’ve done canyoning with us before or somewhere else in the world? You are sporty and you have brave friends? Then let’s go! On the Pro level the canyons in Ticino are getting longer, the gorges deeper and the experience greater!

We encounter rushing waterfalls and untouched nature in Ticino. We enjoy the fresh pools and the playful rock formations of nature.The challenge increases with each step as we venture into the gorges of Ticino with their glittering rock walls. But we are prepared, having trained the abseiling, practiced the perfect jump position and ready to absorb all these impressions in the purest form.

Our canyoning action tours in Ticino are ideal as a continuation to the Canyoning Basic and for sporty or advanced beginners. As our highest entry level, canyoning pro in Ticino is perfect for those who want more and also serves as a preparation for our experienced and experts canyoning tours, Canyoning Camps and the worldwide canyoning trips.

Our special safety briefings, introductions and trainings we do the same way like in a Canyoning basic tour. Therefore you are welcome to start your canyoning experiences in Ticino with the level pro. Ideal as an idea or a surprise for a bachelor party.

What our guests say:


“Everything fits into the picture, from my first general inquiry, to the booking, the planning, the implementation, and finally to the photos: Absolutely great and always natural but professional work, you are really a great team !!!”

Achim Raudszus, Diplom-Verwaltungswirt, Oberhausen, Summer 2015

We are happy to advise you. Call!

Ticino at its best!
Extrem Canyoning for Pros and experienced Canyoneers!

Have you already experienced Canyoning Basic Tour or a Canyoning Pro Tour ? You already know the fascination of the emerald green water, the glittering granite rocks and the indescribable natural scenery? You can rappel yourself?

Join us in canyoning gorges of the Eldorado Ticino, which will simply leave you breathless. We take you some of most beautiful and impressive canyons in Europe. Our local, worldwide experienced canyoning guides select the gorge with you according to your wishes, just like on all our canyoning tours. Canyoning for professionals and repeaters is characterised by high abseils, crossing waterfalls, challenging water passages and deep cut-in gorges in Ticino granite. Jumps and slides are also optional for tours in the Level expert.

Canyons in this category are highly influenced by weather and water level. According to safety reasons we preserve the right to change the tour or the location at short notice. It’s best to ask our international and highly-trained canyoning team for an extreme canyoning tour by phone.

What our guests say:

“2 days, 2 canyons, 2 well-trained guides. We felt optimally cared for, equipment in top condition, the canyons were very nice, everything together makes us want more, we will definitely be back. purelements can be recommended without hesitation.”

Ernst Busch, Police Officer, Spremberg, Summer 2011

We are happy to advise you.

Canyoning family
The adventure for families and kids in Switzerland!

An exciting day in the element of water for You and your family. Laughing children, brave parents – splashing together and drifting in the truest sense. Dare jumps and slides on the smooth polished granite cliffs, a lot of fun and excitement here at the Lake Maggiore.

Our goal is to provide you with a unique experience that will delight the whole family. That’s why the family canyoning trip in Ticino is tailored to the needs of families with children. Your family will be prepared for the challenge by short, child-friendly instructions and age-appropriate dry trainings. Special wetsuits as protection for the children and adults provide optimal conditions for splashing in the fresh water of the gorge.

Our child-friendly canyoning guides patiently support the young canyoneers’ thirst for discovery and adventure. And if you want to become a real canyonaut, take every opportunity to practice, discover and enjoy.

Canyoning with children is possible in Switzerland from the age of six. The gorges around Bellinzona and in the Valle Maggia offer many alternatives – even leaving out sections. Besides canyoning for families in Ticino, we offer canyoning tours with children in the nearby Vorarlberg, Tyrol and Italy as well.

That’s what families say:

“The Canyoning tour was great. Ideal for children too, recommended for families, new experiences and sometimes beyond its limits, Wendy is very good with children, we like to do it again or try something different, like one cave tour. “

Hans Jacob, Key Account Manager, Rottenburg, Summer 2010

We are happy to advise you and your family.

Disability? No problem!
Swiss Canyoning barrier-free!

For many people with disabilities it seems difficult to participate in a canyoning tour in Switzerland. We encourage everyone who wants to join in this amazing experience to take this step.

For many years, it has been important to us to create exciting possibilities in the outdoors for people, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to take part in such tours. We believe that together we can master the challenges in a way that our day out in the gorges of Ticino will become an unforgettable experience. We strive for a maximum of accessibility in our programs and look forward having a great time with you. Many canyoning tours with participants with different restrictions and disabilities, have shown us the real potential of adaptive canyoning.

We gladly advise you about the details on how to participate in a canyoning tour in one of these beautiful gorges.

Do you feel like skiing? Then take a look at our accessible winter offer in our adaptive ski school on.

Helicanyoning in Ticino
A weekend in Canyoning Mekka

Let’s go for a weekend of heli canyoning in the “Canyoning Mekka Ticino”! No other area has such a high density of beautiful canyons. That is why Ticino is our second home! This short canyoning adventure trip is designed for all sporty people who just can’t get enough of canyoning. We spend the night together on Friday evening on a camping site in Cugnasco. Well strengthened and rested we start the adventurous weekend on Saturday. Together we visit an impressive gorge to prepare you for your heli adventure. After the tour we prepare our backpacks for the next day and we finish the evening in a convivial atmosphere. On Sunday we start early at dawn. We drive to the airfield, from here a helicopter with all our equipment takes us to the starting point of the canyon. After a short equipment check and a snack you can expect about 50 to 70 waterfalls, slides in all variations and jumps up to 18 m! As with all our tours, jumping and sliding are only an option and absolutely not obligatory, these passages can always be abseiled. This is the real “Canyoning Highlight” – come and discover yourself!

We are happy to advise you on the details!


☑︎ expert – for pros and expert canyoneers

☑︎ pro – for fit beginners, intermediate and advanced canyoning lovers

basic – for beginner and cautios canyoneer

Requirements for heli Canyoning in Ticino:

  • A good health condition. Health impairments are taken into account during tour planning. Restrictions on vertigo and swimming skills also.
  • Minimum age: approx. 16 years, also younger when accompanied by a parent.

Available period: June to October

Number of participants:at least 4 persons

Arrival/Departure: on one’s own account

Basecamp: Park Camping Riarena, 6516 Cugnasco

Catering: on one’s own account, cooking together, if necessary

Guiding/Event languages:

  • german
  • english
  • italien

on request also netherlands and french

Canyoning weekend with a helicopter flight € 549,- per person


  • Planning and implementation of the adventurous canyoning weekend
  • Support by certified Purelements employees (certified canyoning guides)
  • Special equipment including helmet, harness, wetsuit and shoes
  • 2 canyoning tours
  • 2 nights in your own tent at camping Riarena
  • Helicopter flight on Sunday to the entrance of the gorge
  • Photo Service

Weekend schedule

Arrival on day 1 to 22:00. The program will end on the last day at about 16:00. Due to the length of the tour we recommend the departure on the following day of the end of the program.

Dates on request

purelements® Canyoning Clinic

After completion of this canyoning course you will be well prepared for the aptitude test of a canyoning training, you can participate in challenging, guided canyoning tours, as well as actively participate in tour planning and implementation. Independent canyoning in all degrees of difficulty is not possible due to the short duration of the course and the lack of experience and knowledge.
The canyoning course is ideal for all those who want to get more intensively involved in sport canyoning.
In our canyoning course we impart a comprehensive basic knowledge of sport canyoning and give support and advice on finding important information and how to interpret it correctly. Both theoretical units and practical exercises in the canyons are necessary. We make sure that what we learn in theory can be immediately experienced and consolidated in practice.

Course contents:

Material and equipment knowledge

  • Wetsuit,harness,helmet e.g.”Have the right equipment with you“
  • Ropes e.g. “Which rope for which gorge”
  • karabiners e.g. “Which karabiners to use for which system”.
  • Stands e.g. “Have the right material for every type of abseil point”.
  • Slings e.g. “Use self-belay, sling and cord correctly”.

Rope and knot knowledge

  • Knots e.g. “Important knots and their use”
  • Abseiling point preparation e.g. “Assess and secure”
  • Releasable systems e.g. “The advantages of flexibility
  • Different abseiling techniques e.g. “passive, active and active-passive abseiling
  • Rope extensions e.g. “Safety and comfort increase

Tour planning

  • Hydrology e.g. “Protecting the environment and animals“
  • meteorology e.g. “knowing, reading and assessing springs“
  • Topography e.g. “identify water catchment areas
  • Geology e.g. “Different soil, different rock, different dangers arise”.
  • Create packing lists e.g. “Well prepared into the canyon”

Assessment and evaluation of situations in the canyon

  • Recognising dangers e.g. “Particular risk of falling or rockfall”.
  • Jump and slide techniques e.g. “The optimal technique for every position“
  • White water hazards e.g. “Identifying aquatic risks”

The customer says:

“Hallo Philipp, die Menge dessen, was du uns super gezeigt und erklärt hast, bereite ich geistig immer noch nach. Einfach klasse wie intensiv und individuell Du auf jeden von uns eingegangen bist. Meine Motivation, mit Canyoning weiter zu machen ist durch den Kurs noch mehr verstärkt.“

Ulrich Kazmierzak, Technischer Berater, Lindau, Sommer 2016

We are happy to advise you. Call us!.


☑︎ expert – for pros and expert canyoneers

☑︎ pro – for fit beginners, intermediate and advanced canyoning lovers

basic – for beginner and cautios canyoneer


  • A good health condition. Health impairments are taken into account during tour planning. Restrictions on vertigo and swimming skills also.
  • Minimum age: approx. 16 years, also younger when accompanied by a parent.

Available period: April to October

Arrival/Departure: on one’s own account

Basecamp: Agriturismo La Fina Cresciano

Board and lodging: on one’s own account

Guiding/Event languages:

  • german
  • english
  • italien

on request also netherlands and french

Canyoning clinic CHF 899,- per person


  • The course duration is 5 program days
  • Start of the course days is at 08:30
  • Changes of the starting time due to special program parts will be agreed and coordinated with the participants during the course
  • Descending different gorges with a mixture of practical and theoretical units
  • The end of the course is daily at approx. 16:30 h


  • Completion of the canyoning course does not replace canyoning guide training!
  • on request

Courses start on day 1 and end on the last day at about 16:30.

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