Caving experience.
Mystic and fascinating!

Put on the Cave Suit! Put on the helmet! Turn on the light of your headlamp and dive into a fascinating world of utter silence and darkness! Experience the magic with which caves have always enchanted people!

During a cave walk, you are a guest in a treasure chamber of nature. It is a unique feeling to move through the rock inside the earth. Let yourself be guided by your research urge! Passing by glittering stalactites in the glow of your lamp. Extraordinary rock formations with enigmatic dancing shadows lighten your imagination and put you in another world. Our trained natural cave guides accompany you on this journey.

The caving trip in Allgaeu
The “Schneckenloch”. Stunning!

You stand in front of a large, impressive cave portal of imposing proportions. The entrance to the largest cave in Vorarlberg is reached after a 1-hour hike through the beautiful karst area in the Bregenz Forest below the Hohe Ifen. The karst cave has so many names, it is usually called snailhole (Schneckenloch) or snailhole cave. However forest the cave is located in gave her the name – Schneckenwald (snailforest).

Protected under the roof of the cave, we enjoy a short break before venturing into the interior of the mountain. After a short lamp and equipment check we follow through the huge hall in the limestone rock of “Schrattenkalk”. In the longest cave of Vorarlberg, with approx. 3558 meters, large cave areas and so-called wind holes (small, creeping to be managed passages) alternate with special names.

It is said that ancient legends surround the Giant Hall with the “guardian”, the “ladder wall”, the “division hall” with the clay block and the “bat outlet”.

We experience sinter pools, a waterfall in front of the “labyrinth” and enjoy the special atmosphere of a cave, all senses are required. It is an interesting and varied experience to be inside the famous Gottesacker Plateau, that is also home to the largest cave in Germany, the Hölloch. However, this is not passable with guests due to active, high water flows.

Depending on your arrival, you will meet directly at the starting point (parking lot) in the Almdorf Schönenbach or at a central location with the certified natural cave guide.

What our guests say:

“Caving: 1. Great experience for a short time in complete darkness and perfect silence to sit in. 2. from small crawlways to huge caves, everything was there!”

Alena Siebecke, Event Manager, from Frankfurt am Main

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Your caving starter!
A cave with depth and a thru-passage!h2>

Your path leads you past the Ruin Hofen on small forest trails into the Schlattstaller valley, because the Gustav-Jakob Cave lies below the karst rock near Grabenstetten and is the longest natural cave of the Swabian Alb at about a length of 400 meters.

It has two entrances, which we manage crawling. At the southern entrance, we start with an instruction to learn the “how to” of nature-friendly and low-risk caving. We learn how to use our helmet lamp and start slowly into the tube of the cave, which has developed along limestone cracks and clefts. Many small dripstones (sinter forms) and vents we admire on our way through the corridors of the cave. You can also look at the stalactites and learn a lot about the formation of cave jewelery and caves. We also expect larger rooms where we take a break and let the adventurous cave impress ourselves. If you are brave, you can share a silent and completely dark moment with the group as we turn off all lights in the first large hall.

On your way through the cave with its various gait profiles, you will discover one or the other branch, you may like to follow your research urge and find out where they lead. We crawl past small niches and sinter pools, which make us want to discover also the great caves in Slovenia in the classic karst. Our gait is now flatter and we discover a first glimmer of light before us – the output is reached. You’ve been done your first horizontal cave like a real speleologist. Back on the surface we enjoy the sunshine and the warm rock, but our adventure is not over yet …

Not far away, the water has dug a shaft, of course we want to look at it!

A short walk along the limestone wall and we look into the Roßgallschacht. Here it is about 5 meters into a narrow gap. From there you can lay down on a large stone block and see the 40-meter-deep shaft.

Be enchanted and be part of this fascinating cave experience.

What our guests say:

“Cave: 1. Great experience for a short time in complete darkness and perfect silence to sit in. 2. from small crawlways to huge caves, everything was there!”

Alena Siebecke, Event Manager, from Frankfurt am Main

Our caving experts will be happy to advise you.

Falkensteiner Cave
Water-Caving with a kick!

🇩🇪 Falkensteiner Cave – Caving at its finest!

Located on the Swabian Alb near Bad Urach, the Falkensteiner cave is easy to reach. An underground stream, the Ur-Elsach formed the cave, even today, the water of the cave is the source of the river Elsach. This means that we are mostly in the water. For this reason, you get, like all participants, next to the Schlaz (cave protection suit) and the helmet with headlamp a neoprene wetsuit. The water depth is depending on the water level up to chest height. A short distance to swim is also included. At times we leave the creek bed and climb over crevasse blocks. After 400 meters and passing the “Regentörle” (raingate) we reach the first siphon, which is a challenge even at normal water level. Lying on your back in the water you have to slowly pull yourself through the water close to the rock ceiling, which is only a few centimeters higher.

Jus beforet, the legendary “Goldgräberstollen” (golddiggershoot) branches off to the right. You can find out what the legends are all about in the depths of the cave at the original location ;-).

The famous first pseudo-siphon* we only commit, if the water level and the weather conditions allow it and the participants express their wish to do it. Well equipped and best looked after by our experienced and certified natural cave guides, we penetrate deeper into the cave and enjoy the waterfalls and the active stalactites. Coming past the baptismal font, the clay walls and the crocodile, a meter-long dripstone dropped from the ceiling. Again and again, drops of water glitter from the ceiling, we illuminate the white stalactites with our helmet lamps and wade through the crystal-clear cave water. You can watch live how stalactites develop and feel the peculiarities of a natural cave.

After a break, we start the return journey and take the cave again from another perspective, before we leave the cave we pass the so-called “humbleness passage” and see and feel the “normal” illuminated world again. Always a magical moment that we like to share with you!

*Low water passage, floating on the back. No diving necessary.

What our guests say:

“Cave: 1. Great experience for a short time in complete darkness and perfect silence to sit in. 2. from small crawlways to huge caves, everything was there!”

Alena Siebecke, Event Manager, from Frankfurt am Main

Our cave experts are happy to advise you.

Experience Caving!
Discover 3 different Caves at once!

A mystical and fascinating experience that will lastingly be remembered. Because it is a unique feeling to move through the rock in the interior of the earth. Join us in three exceptionally different caves on the Swabian Alb. A really great adventure, and perfect for getting to know the world of caving. This unique combination of caves offers an all-around caving adventure unlike any other. Definitely the recommendation of the house!

During the cave trekking through the 3 different caves in southern Germany, we experience the treasure chamber of nature as an archive of primeval times, as eye candy of the present and imagination for the future.

The Gustav-Jakob Cave

After a detailed instruction in safety and nature conservation rules we start our cave adventure day with the Gustav-Jakob Cave, a horizontal passage cave in the limestone of the White Jura below the castle rock of the ruin Hofen. The cave, discovered in 1936, follows in different profiles (type and form of the created cave passage) old layer joints and delights us with a large stalagmite, sinter basin and macaroniferous stalactites. We move in our caving suit crawling and bent walking through the layers of rock. The cave runs through the massif and offers on the north side a second entrance, which we use as an exit and which leads us to our next adventure.

The Rossgall Shaft

After a short walk along the rock face we reach the entrance of the Rossgallshaft. It has a very narrow entrance. After about 5 meters comes a step (1.5 meters). From there, you can lie down on a large stone block and see the pit. The great keyhole profile and the impressive view into the shaft of this vertical cave inspire you and make you want more.

But first we make our way back to the car and enjoy our lunch break, swabian called “Vesper”, before we get in our cars for a short time and head towards Bad Urach to the water-bearing Falkensteiner cave.

The Falkensteiner cave

The Falki, as it is affectionately known, is shaped by an underground river. Since we are mostly in the water on our way throught the cave, this time you get a wetsuit also. The water depth moves between 0.1 and 0.4 meters. However, a short distance with about 1.6 meters depth is to commit. Sometimes we leave the creek bed and climb over cinderblocks and admire the active stalactites and listen to the stories about the legendary “Goldgräberstollen” (golddiggershoot). We pass the “Regentörle” (raingate) and many other rock and cave formations and discover so many peculiarities in cave jewelry. After about 400 meters we reach the first siphon, which is the turning point of our caving adventure for us today. We dare to take a look through the few centimeters of space between the cave stream and the rock ceiling and look forward coming back on our special tour to the “Falkensteiner cave”.

Together we make our way back and enjoy the moment when we reach the daylight again. A magical experience!

What our guests say:

“A tour with purelements is worth more than an experience, but if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, you’ll be thrilled deep down in the Swabian Alb – no matter if you’re crawling, swimming or walking, Thomas feels safe, good guidance and lots of information and an unforgettable experience.”

Jessica Scheufler, industrial clerk, from Waiblingen

Our cave experts are happy to advise you.

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