Experience the north of Portugal with an E-Bike

You plan to spend your holidays in the north of Portugal. Maybe a family holiday, a short break or a city break to Porto with its historic old town and colorful houses. Or Braga with its famous pilgrimage church “Bom Jesus do Monte” which is enthroned high above the brisk city. On this website you can choose and book your perfect e-bike trip, even with a transfer to the starting point!

Gentle mountains, wild rivers, large valleys await you in the hinterland of the Portuguese coast, which is by the way also very famous and well-known among surf riders and surfers. But it is not only the nature that is worth for a trip to Portugal, also the people impress with their openness and the cordial nature. Discover the portuguese lifestyle with the typical flair of the south. The e-bike offers you the opportunity to collect many impressive occasions in a short time. And by the way, you’re doing something good for your health. With the help of the e-bike engine, you can effortlessly absorb all the impressions. If it shall be a little sportier – just turn the engine a step down and off you go!

Book your e-bike tour online and save yourself the holiday activity search on-site. Whether it should be a city tour, a sporty downhill or a tour with the whole family – you are right in our hands. Our partner Tobogã Portugal Adventure Tours organizes the various e-bike tours and accompanies you on your adventure.

Many new experiences await you on e-bike tours in Portugal. Whether a professional, beginner or family – there is the right e-bike for you. Decide for yourself how challenging your tour may be for you. Adapted to your athletic fitness, your e-bike engine supports you the way you want.

Now it is your time to make the decision for your tour!

Start your E-Bike experience!
A tour for epicures!

E-Bike for epicures

You’ve always wanted to try out an e-bike or have already tried it and you’re thrilled?

Come to enjoy Portugal’s cities and landscapes on an e-bike.

A classic city tour by bus is past. A city tour on the e-bike is the new experience! Cycle relaxed through the streets of the city of Ponte da Barca and discover the Ponte de Lima. Get to know the different sights and let yourself be impressed by them. Stop at a café and enjoy a portuguese coffee and let yourself be drift away by the city life. A city tour of a different kind. The historic old town with its mansions, centuries-old buildings and several museums emboss the city center of Ponte da Barca. And if your stomach growls from hunger, you can stock up on local products during your break. The city itself is located in the Vinho Verde wine-growing region, so even wine epicures will enjoy a good portuguese wine during their holiday.

Or are you more of the guy who likes to be out in the middle of nature?

Feel how the wheels of your e-bike glide effortlessly over the stony ground as you step on the pedals. Enjoy the view, the nature, hear the wind rushing through the trees and the birds chirping. Enjoy tours with a view, without a skyrocking pulse.

Discover the different cycling tours that you can experience with your e-bike. An ideal region for active and relaxation seekers.

Whether mountain paths, city tours or relaxed family tours – your e-bike will support you on every tour. An unexpected range of action lies ahead of you.

Local guides will accompany you on your adventure, bring you closer to the region and together you will create an unforgettable experience.

So that you are well prepared for your experience, grab your bathing suit, a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, gloves and a bit of food on the go. Then you will be equipped in the best way for your adventure. On the way you can expect different river baths along the way which offer you the possibility for a refreshing bath whilst hot temperatures.

What are you waiting for?

Book now your e-bike tour for epicures!

E-Bike Tour for advanced and sporty beginners!

E-Bike for tail lovers

You are looking for new bicycle adventures in other countries. Because every country has unknown treasures of downhills that are waiting to be explored by you.

Feel the sweaty on the one hand and on the other hand easy driveways and the goose bumps of the in front of you lying trails. You can expect a variety of off-road ways adjacent to the Peneda Gerês National Park. Sometimes a few wooden elements to overcome, sometimes a rooty section, which requires one or the other power reserve from you. You will not be bored on this tour! Feel how the adrenaline rushes into your veins, the energy kick and the wind in your face during your experience. With your e-bike, you become a trail lover and discover a whole new way of cycling. No matter how high or uneven the next climb could be – with your e-bike the flow character will not be left behind.

Your guide will accompany you on your adventure. No constant searching for the way during the tour; no constant stop and go. The guide will guide you on your tour and you can enjoy. Together you will encounter the untouched nature of Portugal.

The e-bike tour for trail lovers is best for cyclists with passion, but also for sporty newcomers who want to expand their sporty activities.

So that you are well prepared for your experience, grab your bathing suit, a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, gloves and a bit of food on the go. Then you will be equipped in the best way for your adventure.

Sweaty from your adrenalin-rich adventure? Then quickly slip into the bathing suit and enjoy a refreshing, cool bath in one of the river baths along the way.

With your e-bike, you’ll experience a mountainbike ride in a whole new and different dimension.

Did the adventure and bicycle fever caught you?

Book now your e-bike experience in Portugal!

☑︎ technical difficulty / driving skills – for advanced and sporty beginners, no previous knowledge
☑︎ fitness Level – basic physical condition

Requirements for e-bike tours in Portugal: 

  • A good health condition. Basic knowledge of how to ride a bike must be available
  • The guide leads the group, but does not give instructions on how to learn to ride a bike

Tour duration: approx. 5-6 hours; Start time 10.00 clock
Available period: all the year round
Number of participants: at least 2 person

Daily routine: 

  • 09:00 Transfer from the accommodation (if booked)
  • 10:00 Arrive at Peneda Gerês Adventure Center by Tobogã
  • 10:30 Start tour
  • 12:30 Lunch break
  • 16:00 End tour
  • 17:00 Transfer to the accommodation (if booked)

Guiding/Event languages:

  • english
  • portuguese

60-,€ per person

Included in price:

  • Planning and carrying out your cycling tour in Portugal
  • Full Day Tour
  • Local qualified guides
  • Premium KTM Bikes; Model from 2018
  • KTM e-bike also for children; Model from 2018
  • Insurance
  • Photo and video service

Traveling without a car – bookable additional services:

  • Transfer to Adventure Center by Tobogã
  • Braga – Adventure Center by Tobogã
  • Oporto – Adventure Center by Tobogã
  • Guimarãe – Adventure Center by Tobogã
  • Viana do Castelo and Valença – Adventure Center by Tobogã

Any further transfers on request

All the year round

This is a mediation service of purelements®; Organizer of the tours is Tobogã

An E-Bike Tour fot the whole family!

E-Bike family

As a family, you like to undertake joint bicycle tours in your free time. Now it is time for your vacation, which you want to spend in the north of Portugal. Various activities are planned – a bicycle tour with the whole family is also on your list. But the thought of what to take with you makes the idea dwindle away. But we are here for you. With our partner Toboga, all the accessories for your bike tour are already on-site. With a large repertoire of KTM e-bikes there should be the right e-bike for everyone. Enjoy a bike tour of a different kind. A guide accompanies you on your tour and brings you closer to the region. No lengthy research, which route is best for everyone. Just arrive, start and enjoy the trip together.

Together you will experience the green landscapes, the blue sea and the many small streets in the cities of Portugal. Laughing faces of children, relaxed parents – that’s how a bike ride has to be. You don’t have to push the kids up the mountain, because with their own e-bike, they are speeding away from their parents! But do not worry – the kids have an extra e-bike, which is adapted to their circumstances.

It is important that the children can already ride a bicycle. The guide does not give instructions on how to learn to ride a bicycle.

Even if the children are still too small to cycle, there is nothing you have to worry about. An e-bike trailer with space for 2 children allows you to explore the diversity of Portugal together as a family. And with an e-bike, the bike trailer can be pulled much faster.

So that you are well prepared for your experience, grab your bathing suit, a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, gloves and a bit of food on the go. Then your are equipped in the best way for your adventures. On the way, you have the opportunity to take a quick and refreshing swim in one of the river baths. Simply wonderful and a welcome cooling whilst warm temperatures.

At the end of the day, the children lie exhausted in their beds and will be enthusiastic about the special, joint bike tour.

Book now your e-bike experience for the whole family!

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