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Canyoning short trip “Original Allgaeu”

Our Allgaeu offers plenty of space for an adventure getaway. Quick and easy access from all over Germany, canyoning is not only a home game for us. The Allgaeu and neighboring Tyrol and Vorarlberg offer a variety of gorges, from which we can choose our day trips together.
The canyoning short trip “Original Allgaeu” is especially developed for you as a sporty beginner and advanced canyoneer. The arrival is the day before, so that you can start well rested in your canyoning adventure. Every day you go to another unique gorge and get to know the region of Allgaeu from a completely different new side. Together with like-minded people we end the evening and already plan the tour for the next day. We can choose from technically challenging or fun canyons with many slides and jumps.

You can find further information in the travel brochure “Original Allgaeu”.
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