Canyoning Camp Ticino!
Simply legendary!

Legendary Canyoning Camp

We want to celebrate with you the most beautiful gorges in Ticino. Every year in the last week of August our “Legendary Canyoning Camp” takes place in the canyoning paradise of Ticino a unique opportunity for all canyoning enthusiasts and those who want to join us. Every day new unique gorges, emerald green pools and breathtaking waterfalls await you.

The tours take place daily but you are free to choose a rest day whenever. If you do not need or want a rest day you are welcome to spend another day with us in the gorge. In the evenings we all sit together comfortably and review the day or plan the next adventure! Of course you can not miss a helicanyoning tour in such a week, which is always scheduled for Tuesday.

During the week, the difficulties of the ravines usually increase. For beginners, it is therefore only possible to start at the beginning of the week (Day 1).

If you would like to take a day off from canyoning, you have the opportunity to do a canoe tour on the Ticino river. The motto for Canadier rafting is: the smaller the boat, the funnier it is. As a small team in the tip-stable inflatable canoe, you will experience whitewater rafting on the Ticino: Fun, action and nature experience – definitely!

What our camp guests say:

“A very relaxed week, with very different ravines, there was something for every taste, the professional and social skills of the guides were so good that I have to come back next year, and I am looking forward to it with many beautiful pictures in my head.”

Stefanie Oebecke, Werbetechnikmeisterin, Gelsenkirchen, Summer 2013

We are happy to advise you.

At a glance

☑︎ expert – for pros and expert canyoneers
☑︎ pro – for fit beginners, intermediate and advanced canyoning lovers
basic – for beginner and cautios canyoneers

Requirements for the participation at the program “Legendary Canyoning Camp”:

  • A good health condition. Health impairments are taken into account during tour planning. Restrictions on vertigo and swimming skills also.
  • Minimum age: approx. 16 years, in attendance of  a parent also younger than 16 years

Tour duration: 4-7 per day – depending on the canyon
Number of participants: at least 4 persons

Arrival/Departure: on your own
Basecamp: Park Camping Riarena, 6516 Cugnasco
Board: on your own, if applicable we can cook together

Guiding/Event languages:

  • ?? german
  • ?? english ??
  • ?? italien

on request also ?? netherlands and ?? french

Provided services and price

bookable packages:
3 days incl. 2 tours: CHF 339,- per person
4 days incl. 3 tours: CHF 499,- per person
7 days incl. 5 tours: CHF 799,- per person
9 days incl. 7 tours: CHF 999,- per person

Extension day/no rest day: CHF 169,-; Includes all prices plus overnight stay ( at the campsite)
Helicopter flight during heli-canyoning ca. CHF 125,- till CHF 149,- per person.

Included in Price:

  • Organization and planning of the Camp
  • certified canyoning guides / tripleaders according our safety standards
  • Necessary special equipment for the tour incl. helmet, harness and wetsuit
  • Canyoning tours
  • Photoservice


  • 22.08. – 30.08.2020
  • 21.08 – 29.08.2021

Arrival depending on booked package; Arrival on eve of until 22:00 o’clock
Groups: Extra Dates on request

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