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A diverse Slovenia

8 days and 6 canyons at the sunny side of the Julian Alps in the valley of the emerald Soča river. Stunning mountain views, crystal clear water, numerous historical monuments and relaxed locals who love being outdoors makes the Soča valley a really special place you shouldn’t miss.

Our adventure begins with the arrival to the town of Bovec. We move into a cosy apartment that will be our home for the whole week. From day two – to day seven there are 6 canyons waiting for our visit. Each of them is a class of its own. From an easy and short to more demanding and long ones that are there for experienced canyoneers. On the day two we are going to visit two canyons – stunningly beautiful Kozjak and playful Sušec.
Plan for the day three is Fratarica. More advanced canyon with the highest abseil (48m) in the whole week. Fratarica offers good adrenaline to fun ratio and is the most popular advanced canyoning tour in the region. Afternoon is reserved for caving in Srnica cave which is distinguished by heart-shaped mussels fossils. If the weather allows we will drive up to the top of Mangart road, the highest road in Slovenia that ends in a panoramic viewpoint with breathtaking panoramas on the surrounding mountains and lakes.
We tackle Globoški potok canyon on the day four. Its open character and south-oriented position makes it a really sunny experience, resulting in beautiful yellowish scenery and unique opportunity to get some sun tan even in the canyon. Since the canyon doesn’t offer opportunity to swim in deep pools, we have the option to do it in the afternoon below the second Soča canyon. After that we will go to Soča spring and see the amazing source of this emerald beauty.
After such intense first days there will be the day off on fifth day. It is time to recharge your batteries, go white-water rafting, sit-on-top kayaking or mountain biking. Of course if you are true canyoning enthusiast, who can’t get enough of canyons, we can make an additional canyoning tour for you.
On sixth day we will do Predelica canyon. It is the most diverse Slovenian canyon with numerous jumps into crystal clear water and some amazing abseils. It is also the longest one.
The final canyoning destination is Rio Simon on day 7. It is known as Eldorado of the Julian Alps. Warm sunlight follows you most of the time if you enter the canyon on the right time. The walls of the canyon rising higher than 100m in some parts and decorated by waterfall-made curtains that take our breath away. Countless jumps and abseils are waiting for us. That’s why we included it into our program, even if it is in Italy – a couple kilometres from the Slovenian-Italian border.
The days and canyons usually just fly by. Day 8 is the day of a farewell to Slovenia. It is always hard to do it, but there are new adventures waiting for us.

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